To combat food insecurity and climate change in Africa, AGRA has allocated 550 million.

  • AGRA commits 550 million in its fight against food insecurity
  • Climate change is also an issue that would be tackled using this fund
  • AGRA hopes to reduce Africa’s dependency on imported food items

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) just pledged $550 million over the next five years to the fight against food hunger and climate change.

This money would be used to strengthen agricultural supply networks, involve the government more effective, and address climate change. Reducing reliance on imported food and, of course, reducing the inflation of food costs in Africa are the two main objectives of obtaining this enormous amount.

The $550 million fund established by AGRA is meant to assist regional and small-scale farmers in overcoming agricultural difficulties. These farmers lack the tools and resources necessary to address some of the trickier problems that well-funded farms can.

They are in a precarious situation where even the smallest prod could change how they perform.

Smallholder farmers need to be empowered and inspired throughout Africa, not only to tackle basic farming challenges but also to arm them against natural calamities and climate issues.

Hailemariam Desalegn, the chairman of Agra and a former Ethiopian prime minister, stated: “Hard-won benefits are now in jeopardy due to external shocks, particularly the impact of climate change.

Everything has already changed as a result of the multi-season droughts in East Africa and severe weather occurrences like cyclones in Southern Africa.

Supply chains were put under unacceptable pressure by COVID-19. Food security and agribusiness worldwide are threatened by the commodity price crisis, which is made worse by the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

We want farmers to have access to the appropriate seed, at the appropriate cost, at the appropriate time, he continued.

Despite having some of the most arable land in the world, Africa still has the lowest agricultural production, and one in five people live in hunger, according to research by AGRA. The arable land that makes up 40% of Africa is not being fully used. AGRA stated that it is dedicated to rewriting that story.

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