De-Amp from brave’s browser can bypass Google’s amp pages.

Google Amp Versus Brave de-Amp

According to The Verge, Brave is putting Google’s Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) to the test with a new feature called De-AMP (Google Amp versus Brave De-Amp).

It’s intended to skip any AMP-enabled pages and redirect viewers to the original website. In a blog post, De-AMP stated,

“Wherever possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs to prevent users from visiting AMP pages altogether.”

If this isn’t possible, “Brave will watch while pages are fetched and redirect users away from AMP pages before the page is even rendered, preventing AMP/Google code from being loaded and run,” the company explained.

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According to Brave, the new function was implemented in the name of privacy, security, and internet experience.

“In practice, AMP is bad to users and the Web as a whole,” according to the article. “AMP also aids Google in further monopolizing and controlling the web’s direction. ” It goes on to say that the future AMP version “will be even worse.”

AMP was first advocated by Google as a solution to improve the mobile online experience by making pages load faster.

However, it has recently come under fire from critics who see it as a vehicle for Google to consolidate its ad market dominance by hosting material on its own servers.

A group of publishers recently announced their departure from AMP, and seven US states have filed a lawsuit accusing Google of operating a monopoly that has damaged ad-industry competitors and publishers.

Brave’s browser offers “the finest privacy online,” thus targeting Google is a natural aspect of the company’s marketing strategy.

Despite its efforts, it trails most other browsers in terms of mobile market share, ranking behind Internet Explorer in the “other” category on Stat counter.

De-AMP is presently in beta and “will be enabled by default in the next 1.38 Desktop and Android versions, followed by an iOS release shortly after,” according to Brave.

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