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Buy Kiki New Gain LED Display Cordless Rechargeable Clipper in Kenya


Kiki New Gain LED Display Cordless Rechargeable Clipper NG-888B

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Having a great and nice-looking haircut is what every man or woman always admires. In today’s review, we will unbox this brand new rechargeable clipper called the KIKI New Gain cordless rechargeable clipper. Remember, we are always here to help you make a good purchase decision and save cost while at the same time purchasing high-quality products from top old and new brands.

Unboxing Kiki New Gain LED Display Cordless Rechargeable Clipper NG-888B

kiki New Gain Rechargeable Clipper

The clipper is a professional type made for families with lots of features and quality packages and materials inside. Inside the kiki brand package, you can see a comb, pair of scissors, a guide book, a black bag for your scissors, a branded cape for hair drops, a brush to clean off the hair, a u.s adapter plug, and a socket,

kiki New Gain Rechargeable Clipper

a USB adapter, which is a very good technology worth utilizing especially when this adapter came directly from the company to avoid fake ones.

It came with two black clips which can be used for holding long hair, and a tiny brush mainly what I used to clean the clipper teeth after or before the hair cut. It also came with Ten guards for smooth cutting,

and the clipper itself which is a neat and nice-looking machine for a neat haircut. All these are the kit that came with the kiki clipper brand.

Important information

kiki New Gain Rechargeable Clipper

The kiki rechargeable clipper comes with different parts and model numbers such as NG-888B or A which, makes them unique according to your choice.

The charging time is 4.5 hours which makes it unique as you can charge and use it at any time without having to get worried about power failure.

Its working time is 240 minutes. This means that it can last up to 4 hours after you must have charged it for 4.5 hours. The battery capacity is 2000 milliamps.

and finally, it is wireless. This makes it look great especially when you are trying to concentrate during taking a cut without getting worried or being touched by a long wire to avoid electric shock.

This clipper has an LCD that displays how much the battery is charged and is easy to turn on and off switch by the corner just like other clippers.


Compared with other clippers listed in various Nigerian stores in Africa, Kiki’s new gain LED display cordless rechargeable clipper, which goes for KSh 2,199 currently in Kenyan shillings, is okay for this price. Even though this is an average price from different stores. You can still get ones that are cheaper or slightly higher in price.

Our Take on Kiki New Gain LED Display Cordless Rechargeable Clipper

What makes this clipper unique is the fact that it is rechargeable as compared to other clippers. Its cutting ability and the strength of the battery, storage hours, and unique design are second to none. The blade cutting teeth are very unique and sharp and can be adjusted to your cutting depth. Though as a new arrival product, you need to use and test it out over a long period of time to find out its battery life cycle. We will update this when the need arises from our customers.

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